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Hello, my name is Alice. I am a fully qualified registered and insured hypnotherapist. I have successfully completed my hypnotherapy training with Chrysalis Courses. I have also completed a further course specialising in hypnotherapy for childbirth. I am a qualified easibirthing® practitioner. I am a registered member of the national hypnotherapy society and believe that client safety and ethical practice are of the upmost importance, therefore I ensure that my knowledge and skills are upto date and that I follow the code of ethics set out by the national hypnotherapy society.  
As a hypnotherapist there are many areas that I can support you with however I specialise in hypnotherapy for childbirth. I have successfully completed easibirthing training and am a qualified easibirthing practitioner. I myself used  easibirthing® during my pregnancy and I can honestly say it was the best investment I have made. The birth of my child was straightforward and fast, I remained calm and in control. Due to my amazing experience of using hypnotherapy during childbirth it inspired me to train as a hypnotherapist and further my training and knowledge to support other women and birth partners through the truly magical experience of childbirth and beyond.

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