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I specialise in hypnotherapy for childbirth and have completed easibirthing® training. I myself used easibirthing® for the birth of my son and I was amazed. My amazing experience of chilf birth gave me the inspiration to train as a hypnotherapist specialising in hypnotherapy for childbirth. I truly believe this course is an amazing experience that I feel privileged to share with other expectant mothers and birth partners. I am so passionate about changing the perceptions a lot of people have around birth. It can be a truly amazing and magical experience. The beauty of easibirthing® is that it really does empower you to gain as much knowledge as possible to make the best choices for you and your baby. 
I offer a two options for course delivery at this time these are: one-to-one sessions (you and your birth partner are welcome to attend) either online (via zoom) or face to face. I understand that at the current time some people are still unsure of meeting face to face, I feel that it is so important that you can still access the course content. 
Courses are approximately 7hours in total. Face-to-face the 7hours is usually split over 2 days. Online One-to-one is more flexible with how we break the course down and how many sessions it takes. 
Course Prices:
One-to-one course online (via zoom) is £275
One-to-one course face-to-face is £350

Alice Diamond Therapies logo

Hypnotherapy is an amazing natural way to help and support us in many areas. As such I also offer Hypnotherapy for:
These sessions will be £55 per hour and will normally require between 4-6 sessions including an initial consultation for us to discuss the presenting issue and putting together a plan for the upcoming sessions. 

Services & Goals: Services & Goals
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