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The result at the end of treatment is that I’m taking more time for self care and to look after my health. I’m also taking steps to put boundaries in place at work, which is something I’d not been able to do previously. 
The goal has been likely been fully achieved, but it is tricky to tell at this point as I’ve not returned to work full time. The lack of confidence and self esteem was directly linked to my work and habits of over working and not charging customers the amount I should for the work involved. 

I know the goal has been achieved as I have noticed that I’m keeping my emails shorter and more to the point since having the sessions and the language I’m using is more confident and assertive than before.
I plan to continue with more sessions for other issues I have such as stress management and habits such as skin picking as I’m impressed with the results of the sessions and very relieved that I can start living better.

Hannah (self-esteem) 

I feel lighter like a bit of the weight has been lifted. Stress has been a long term issue for me but I am pleased with the progress made in such a short period of time. So it's a 'thumbs up' from me. Hypnotherapy works. 

June (Stress)

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